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Meet the team: our Instructor and StepMaster.



Born and raised in Japan, Seeko lived in America before settling in England eighteen years ago. A former semi-professional Flamenco dancer, she absolutely fell in love with FitSteps® and qualified as an instructor in 2017. She held her first class on 20 January 2018 and has not looked back since. 

Seeko's passion for dance is unmatched, and her classes are energetic and fun. Her aim is to provide a place where people from all backgrounds and levels of fitness are welcomed and can enjoy dance exercise. 

Seeko is a Gold Certified instructor and is qualified to teach FitSteps®, FitSteps® FAB (For All Bodies) and FitSteps® TONE, for which she is one of the pioneer instructors. Seeko is also a qualified Pilates Matwork instructor and enjoys incorporating her knowledge of body movements into classes.

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Bryony worked for FitSteps® from 2013 to 2015 as their writer and editor, interviewing Ian Waite, Natalie Lowe, Mark Foster and other FitSteps® personnel; providing dance-related copy for their website, mailing list and press releases; and covering their official launch at Champneys. 

Bryony had been dancing alongside Seeko in a local fitness class for a year when Seeko made the exciting announcement she was going to train as a FitSteps® instructor in 2017. Bryony offered her services as guinea pig while Seeko perfected her initial choreography, and the rest is history.

As Stepmaster, Bryony helps people who find it difficult to mirror steps to copy her movements from behind. She also loves helping out behind the scenes, choosing music and event planning.

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